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Rajadah Town Branch

  • Rajadah Town Branch

Rajadah Town Branch

PKR 35000 Needed Donation

This is a very poor area near Noor Pura.  Level of poverty is high at alarming stage, hence for running a home both husband and wife has to earn in order to survive. They off-course avoid to sending children to school instead they send them to work to earn money. When Shaoor Welfare started a school in Rajadah Town is was a difficult task to bring children to schools. It takes a lot of hard work to motivate and giving awareness of education to the parents in that area. Shaoor somehow managed to motivate parents by distributing free uniforms and school bags and once a meal per week among the students.

Mrs. Fatima Bashir and her fellows from London, Mrs. Basra Zulfiqar, Mrs. Inayatullah, Mrs. Sobia Riaz and Mrs. Shehla Zahid are the people who stood by Shaoor Welfare in this hardship. And also these people help us to build new building for the increasing number of students in Rajadah Town. Mrs. Fatima Bashir Sponsor these students as well.