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Pallah Town Branch

  • Pallah Town Faisalabad

Pallah Town Branch

PKR 25000 Needed Donation

Shaoor School in Pallah Town has been started in 2003. It has been 15 years from now when Shaoor Welfare Organization lay down its foundation in Chak # 214 R.B. Pallah Town is one of the most ignored area where people are deprived from the basic rights and even from basic needs of life.

Alhamdulillah! From 15 years of Pallah Town Branch of Shaoor Welfare School is achieving 90% results from Board Examination. It is a remarkable motivation for the parents from that area to send their child to school for a better living standard.

Mrs. Seema Saleem surveyed that area and sees the poor condition of the children and people from there. That was a very dishearten situation for her. And then Mrs. Seema Saleem decided to donate her family land to Al-Huda for the Welfare School. That is how Shaoor School was established in that area for only the betterment and development of their critical situation.