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Noorpura Girls Branch

  • Noorpura

Noorpura Girls Branch

PKR 20000 Needed Donation

Shaoor Welfare’s very first school was started from this branch. It is situated at Muhalla Noorpura chak#214R.B, p-254. This project was inaugurated in 1999 by Mr. & Mrs. Khawaja Mehmood Akhtar. In the start of the mission, spreading Shaoor(knowledge), was supported by many delegated people in terms of both morally and financially. Most recognized people are Mr. & Mrs. Mohsin, Mrs. Noreen Shahid and so many others. We are so thankful to those who supported us in the extension of this school from the bottom of our heart.

As we started this school it was not more than just a primary school but with the passage of time and with the hard work of staff and the support of our members it was changed into the middle and now in high school with two branches of girls and boys separate. The need of having a separate branch for boys and girls was raised by the growing number of students enrolled in school. This was a huge success of our mission in starting of our career.In the ‘extension era’ a young couple Mr.  & Mrs. Ahmed from Ahmad Jamal Industries, participated in this community work of building a separate branch. They adopted Noorpura Girls Branch.

Oh ALLAH! Grant them fruits so that they are thankful to you and people see your signs.

Alhamdulillah! Shaoor has one of the best school in Noorpura and more than 600 students passed out from this school.