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Noorpura Boys Branch

  • Noorpura Boys Branch

Noorpura Boys Branch

PKR 40000 Needed Donation

The need of having a separate branch for boys and girls was raised by the growing number of students enrolled in school. This was a huge success of our mission in starting of our career.

In the ‘extension era’ a young couple Mr.  & Mrs. Ahmed from Ahmad Jamal Industries, participated in this community work of building a separate branch. Mrs. Noreen Shahid a very energetic and polite lady adopted Noorpura Boys Branch. She is now the most important part of our Shaoor Society as a trustee. In Noorpura Boys Branch all the expenses is now supported by her.  May Allah give her the Knowledge that is of benefit, a good provision and help her to do deeds that are acceptable by our lord. Ameen