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About Us

Shaoor Welfare Organization

Since its inception 19 years ago, Shaoor Welfare Organization has been dedicated to causing socio-economic change in Pakistan by focusing on access to quality basic education, promotion of education, skills development, social welfare, with special emphasis to the underprivileged areas.

Shaoor builds schools on donated land. We appoint head teachers and actively run each school. Shaoor schools follow the Afaq syllabus until 7th grade. Afterwards, they teach the government syllabus so students are prepared for their board examination.

During the colonial period, free education generally meant instruction for children of poor families. Numerous schools were established by Shaoor Welfare Organization and supported by generous persons and societies, a practice that served to fasten onto the idea of free education an association with poverty that was difficult to remove. It also demonstrated the importance of religious philanthropy in the early education.

Our Team Members

The Founder of Al-Huda and Shaoor Welfare Organization

Chairperson of Al-Huda and Shaoor Welfare Organization

Vice Chair Person of Al-Huda and Shaoor Welfare Organization

Vice Chairperson Al-Huda and Shaoor Welfare Organization

Our Mission

Shaoor Welfare aims to alleviate poverty by creating a bond of solidarity between the affluent and the marginalized, a social system based on mutual support – we extend a helping hand to the poorest levels by providing quality education to every individual, in all academics and professional disciplines, without discrimination of gender: race, religion, Socio-economic status or ethnicity.

Shaoor Welfare also works to reform the society to wipe out the child labor. And to provide the shelter and quality education to the deserving children. We can rightly claim that our organization always tried to provide a caring, safe and secure environment where children can develop academically, socially, morally, culturally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. We encourage each child to be self-confident and independent. We try to provide opportunities for the children who are left to ignorance of the world.

Our Partners